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So that technology serves humans.
Not the other way around.



  • Keynote speeches on the "nature of the digital"
  • Dialog formats for meaningful digitalization
  • Workshops for personal usage

Learning atmosphere

  • Acquisition of individual skills for the digital working day
  • Leading and moderating via digital media


  • Creating rich online formats - that are fun and make sense
  • Design of digital information flow
  • Interaction between employees
  • Development of participation processes


  • Interfaces between users and IT
  • Architecture of IT and Cloud Systems
  • Change processes in the context of digitisation


So far I have been able to work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a natural cosmetics / pharmaceutical manufacturer, a drugstore, an automotive supplier, a correctional facility, a steel manufacturer, a fashion company, an insulation technology manufacturer, a pen manufacturer, an authority, a chemical company, ...

I work independently of industry, but with focus and prefer to be on site. The goal of every collaboration is to strengthen my customers' autonomy. Here is a selection of my project customers:

Weleda AG, Germany and Switzerland

  • Training on "Digital Collaboration" with Microsoft Teams
  • Accompanying digitization projects
  • Coaching of executives on leadership in distributed teams via digital channels

Himmel un Ääd, Cologne und Bonn

  • Support with strategic software decision
  • Support with technical problems
  • Designing and building an architecture for digital collaboration

State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia, Duisburg

  • Support with software migration towards MS Azure
  • Moderation of workshops
  • Automation of regular activities


Energy service provider, Hannover

  • Development of central monitoring for a decentralized cloud environment (~ 180 subscriptions)
  • Design and implementation of processes
  • Establishing communication to cloud security


Working method

I work with passion, joy and professionalism and am interested in the added value for the people in your organization. Always combining the social and the technology. Without ready-made answers, but with serious questions. Not according to scheme F, but with a plan. With experience, but not biased.I attach great importance to:


  • Connection to personal and organization-wide values ​​and guiding principles
  • Use of digital technology to enable added value


  • About connections and effects of the digital in the personal and social context


  • Realistic assessment of feasibility taking into account the holistic effects


Jakob Tewes

Development Companion



+49 151 6471 5186


Kiebitzweg 6, 26209 Hatten, Germany